From the Headteacher…

19 Feb From the Headteacher…

From the Headteacher…

No 406, Friday 15th February 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for such a great half term. We are half way through the year. Where has the time gone? The days are now getting lighter and the sun is beginning to show and we are looking forward to some spring weather.
Please could you ask your children not to tread or play with any flowerbeds, especially those near the scooter park as our gardening club have planted flowers there. We hope to see the flowers soon.
Well done to violet class for their assembly. They had learnt all their lines well and spoke confidently. Their singing was also fab too. Great work Violet class.
We are currently encouraging the development of vocabulary in school. We value the importance of talking and are introducing talk homework. In every week’s newsletter we will give you a statement to discuss. This can be done as a family around the dinner table. These statements are open ended to encourage discussion.
Talk homework is an opportunity to –
Help your child to think through and discuss initial ideas in order to develop the thought process
Ask your child for their opinions
Explain your own opinion and how it is fine to have different views or opinions
Develop your child’s vocabulary through the use of “ambitious” vocabulary
To be successful at talk homework please
• Encourage as many family members as possible to be home on Talk Homework evening and consider having a meal together.
• Don’t just give your opinion, use the ‘because’ word to explain why you think that or to explain their ideas.
• Ask others around the table to give their opinions and ideas and to use the ‘because’ word or to explain why they think something.
• Ask your child his / her opinion and idea and ask them to use the ‘because’ word.
These will be starting after half term but if you would like to practice one please do. Please discuss
“If I were in the Olympics I would ………. “

Thank you for all the positive support and excitement for Project Playground. I am so impressed by all that you are doing. It’s really exciting and I know we are going to raise £60000 and make it happen.

Have a lovely half term.



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