From the Headteacher…

01 Feb From the Headteacher…

From the Headteacher…

No 404, Friday 1st February 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Well, snow has arrived. Please remember to
remind the children to wear thick coats and
appropriate footwear to school. Please can they
also wear a school cardigan or sweatshirt as some
children are wearing short sleeves and it is cold.
Thank you.
Apricot class performed a fantastic assembly on
the Fire of London yesterday. Their acting and
singing was fabulous. It was a pleasure to watch. It
was the best version of the historical event I have
ever seen. Thank you Apricot class and well done.
We also had a lovely instrumental concert
yesterday. The children performed individually or
in pairs and did really well. There was a range of
instruments and it was great to see the children
play with confidence and big smiles. Well done to
all the performers, you should be very proud of
your accomplishments.
Please can I remind you not to park outside the
school on the zig zag lines or in the bus stand.
These areas must be kept clear. Please do not stop
there to drop the children off. Thank you.
We will be introducing the children to the Radio 2
500 words competition in a lesson over the next
couple of weeks. Please look out for it, the
children can continue their stories at home.
I hope you have a lovely weekend. Keep warm and
enjoy the snow if we have more.


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