From the Headteacher…

18 Jan From the Headteacher…

From the Headteacher…

No 402, Friday 18th January 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,
We have had a good week. It’s gettting colder so I have
reminded the children they need to wear a proper coat not just a
fleece or a jumper to school everyday.
We had a great Wow day on Monday. The children who dressed
up looked great. Thank you for the project homework too. I look
forward to looking at them.
Next week the NSPCC will be visiting the school to present
assemblies, one to Key Stage 1 and Reception and one to Key
Stage 2. This is part of the NSPCC Speak out and Stay safe
work. The children will learn about their rights to –
 speak out and be heard
 to be safe
 to get help when they need it
All their work is interactive, motivating and uplifting for the
children enabling them to hear important safeguarding
messages. Year 5 and Year 6 will be having workshops as part
of this work too. Any questions please ask and you are welcome
to look at the NSPCC Speak out and Stay safe website.
Attached to this newsletter are the dates for the term and some
for later in the year. I have also included the 2019/20 term dates.
Just a reminder about school uniform. We ask that the children
wear only school uniform on the top half. This includes school
cardigans and jumpers. They must not be wearing their own
clothes on top. A long sleeved T-shirt underneath in a plain
colour is fine if it’s cold. Children can wear scarves and snoods
for outside but not inside please. Thank you for your support with
this and please remember that you can buy school uniform from
Max in the office.
Also a reminder children are not allowed to wear jewellery unless
it is for health or religious reasons. They must not bring items to
school either, such as money, swap cards, lipsalves etc.
We have great project playground t-towels and tote bags
designed by Nicola Kent, an illustrator and a parent. They are fab
and would make great presents. These are also on sale in the
office from Max. All proceeds go to project playground so please
think about buying at least one.
The school raised £160.68 fro the Anti-Bullying Alliance, thank
you for your help with this.

Have a lovely weekend.


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