From the Headteacher…

10 Sep From the Headteacher…

From the Headteacher…


No 387, Friday 7th September 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome back to the new academic year. It’s been a great
start. The children have settled in well to their new classes and
are full of big smiles. It’s great to see everyone again. I hope
you had a lovely summer and being back to school is not too
much of a shock.
Welcome to our new children and families. It’s great to have
you here and we really hope you enjoy your time with us. Any
questions do not hesitate to ask.
We have an exciting project this term with the charity War Child
called The Learn to Live Campaign. We will be closely working
with War Child by linking to a school in Iraq and working with
the children there. This is a great opportunity for our children
and school and we are really excited. The project is also being
supported by the Evening Standard and The Independent. It
was launched in the papers yesterday and will also be in there
again today. We were very lucky to be visited by one of their
patrons on Wednesday – Vanessa Kirby who plays Princess
Margaret in The Crown and has just appeared in the film
Mission Impossible. She played playground games with Y6 Chilli
class and the children were also visited by the War Child robot.
This project is a great opportunity for our children to learn
more about children who may have experienced war or trauma.
We will be sharing ideas and learning. We hope to increase
empathy and understanding between pupils of all backgrounds
and highlight what they have in common as well as what
separates them. Please stay tuned. (Photos opposite).
We hope to get the date list to you next week so you can book
all the events in your calendar.
As you might be aware we were changing our uniform
providers. This has now been done and we are ready to receive
orders. We are starting off by asking you to complete an order
form and then this will be delivered to school for you to collect.
We will then carry a small amount of stock at school. The
quality will hopefully be as good or better and the prices are
cheaper. I hope this will make life easier for you. You can get an
order form from Max in the office or email and we can email it to
you. We will be putting up a display of the new uniform soon.
It’s so lovely to be back and around the children again. Have a
lovely weekend.

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