From the Headteacher…

09 Jun From the Headteacher…

9th June 2017

No 346, Friday 9th June 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back after the half term holiday. I hope you had a good week.

Thank you for supporting the protest about budget cuts. We still don’t know what will happen and can only hope that things may now improve. The future of school budgets are still unclear and if the funding formula plans do go ahead we will work hard to ensure it does not impact on our children’s education and enjoyment of school. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We have had an active week at school. The children have come back full of positive energy ready for a great last term. Year 6 are underway with their show and everyone is busy rehearsing Blastonbury. This term is a very busy one with a lot going on, as well as the children visiting their new classes later in the term and us welcoming new students to join us in September in Reception and Nursery.

After the sad events of last weekend at London Bridge we have reassured the children that our job is to keep them safe and that London is still a fabulous place to live. Our priority is always to keep the children safe and we are very rigorous when planning and going on trips.

We are thrilled to let you know that we are creating a school app. You can find it in your App Store as Betty Layward. This app is currently being built and is just at the beginning stages so please be patient with it. It’s going to enable you to receive information about the school easily as well as other features. It’s really exciting and we hope you find it useful. We always aim for communication to be effective and consistent.

I had the pleasure of teaching Ocean class today who were a delight.

I hope the sunshine continues this weekend.


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