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28 Mar From the Headteacher…

Friday 24th March 2017

No 340, Friday 24th March 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had a great week with trips to the local bookshop, World Down Syndrome Day, Comic Relief and then the Variety Show tonight. What a busy and fun week we have had. We are very excited about the Variety show tonight and look forward to seeing you there. Thank you for supporting it and buying tickets. Thank you for also supporting Comic Relief. The children looked great wearing red today.

The Nursery children and staff looked fab rocking their funky socks this week and did very well learning new Makaton signs. The children enjoyed their trips to the bookshop and were able to spend their book vouchers. It is great that we can support a local business too.

Over the Easter holidays, as part of our school works we will be having new gates at the entrance of the school. These will replace the current wooden ones. As I am sure you are aware safeguarding the children is extremely important and we review site security at all times. These gates will be open when you drop your children off and when you pick them up. They will be closed during the day. You are always welcome though. All you would need to do, if you need to visit during the school day, is to buzz and we will let you in. We will continue to be as welcoming as we are now. School/family links are very important to us and something we are always looking to develop. I feel Betty Layward is very lucky to have such supportive parents and carers. Thank you.

Year 4 Fuchsia class led a fantastic class assembly this week. They spoke in loud clear voices and we were all impressed. We learnt a lot about sound and their performance at the end with Boomwhackers was fabulous. Well done Fuchsia class.

Please can I remind you to park legally around school. There have been a couple of incidents recently with people parking illegally. You risk a fine or an accident if you do this.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.


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