From the Headteacher…

03 Feb From the Headteacher…

Friday 3rd February 2017

No 334, Friday 3rd February 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,
What a great start to the week with the mural opening on
Monday. I am so impressed with what the children have created.
It has really brightened up that area of school. Well done to Kelly
and the children who spent a lot of time creating it. We look
forward to creating more murals for other locations around
Year 2 had a great trip to London zoo this week- we were
pleased they got there this time.
We have really noticed an improvement in respect and behaviour
this week. The children have been very polite around the school.
It’s lovely to hear them say good morning and good afternoon to
adults and each other and they often ask an adult how their
weekend was. They are an absolute pleasure to spend time with.
We are looking forward to the Royal Academy of Music
performance with Fuchsia class next Friday. Parents and Carers
of Fuchsia class are very welcome to attend. It is in the school
hall at 11.10am. I watched some of it today and was very
impressed. Fuschia class behaved beautifully and were a credit
to the school. Thank you to Suzi, a parent, who helped organise
Have a great weekend.


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