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20 Jan From the Headteacher

Friday 20th January 2017

No 332, Friday 20th January 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had another great week. The children are enjoying our Monday singing assemblies, as are we. Emerald class performed a fantastic assembly on the Artic this week. I think they chose the right week, weather wise.

We are very excited about the Variety show. We had 71 acts sign up so we will be letting the successful acts know if they are in the show in Monday’s assembly. It’s great to see so many children keen to participate in the event. Unfortunately we don’t have enough spaces for everyone which is why we draw names out of a hat to make it as fair as possible. I’m sure if this one is a success we can fit another one in this year.

Year 4 Fuchsia worked with the Royal Academy of Music today and it was a fantastic session. We are looking forward to continuing to work with them this term.

Hackney are looking for a Star SCP officer 2017 nomination! Hackney is asking us to recognise and celebrate School Crossing Patrol Officers as they do such an excellent job in helping keep our children safe. We have an excellent School Crossing Patrol Officer: Donna. I think it would be a great idea to thank her as she is out and about in all types of weather helping our children to cross the road safely.

We are able to enter posters about our School Crossing Patrol Officer, so this is something you might want to do at home. It would be lovely if with the nomination, children could express either in words or with a design, their appreciation. This can be completed simply as an A4 poster. There will be an award ceremony during the SCP training day (during half term February 2017) and in order to make sure we have time to send ours in I would be very grateful if any comments, pictures, drawings are sent in by January 27th to the school office. As a thank you to the schools participating there will also be a mini award for the best comment, design, drawing etc irrespective of who the winning SCP officer is. I look forward to seeing your posters. Let’s tell Hackney that our School Crossing Patrol Officer is the best. Thank you for supporting this. (Donna is not aware that we are doing this.)

Have a lovely weekend, keep warm.



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