From the Headteacher…

05 Oct From the Headteacher…

Friday 30th September 2016

No 320, Friday 30th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s been another good and busy week. I enjoyed my first class assembly enormously. Year 6 Chilli class did really well. I was very impressed. Their knowledge about World War 2 was extensive and talking to the children afterwards, it was clear to see that they had really enjoyed performing it. Year 4 also had a great trip to the Aquarium.

I am really enjoying meeting all the children who come to see me with their gold awards. I enjoy hearing how and why they received them and seeing how proud they are.

We have a new website which should be launching early next week. We will send a text message when it becomes live. I hope you find this new website useful. Please remember to keep looking at it as Jason does a fantastic job at updating it. It’s also linked to our Instagram account so new photos are instantly uploaded.

Thank you for all your donations for Calais. I am sure they will be warmly received.

Thank you to those of you who have donated items for the Early Years mentioned in last week’s newsletter. Please continue to donate.

Thank you also to all the Reception parents that made it to our reading workshop, it was great to see you.
Please don’t forget our phonics workshop on Thursday 13th October for a more active session!

Attendance in school, as you know, is very important and is monitored closely by the local authority. We can only authorise absences with exceptional circumstances. Anything except exceptional cannot be authorised. We will update you with our whole school attendance figures each week.
We have had a fantastic start to the whole school attendance with a fantastic 97.20% from 7th September to 30th September. Let’s keep this up!
Attendance Fact
Being 5 minutes late everyday =3.4 Days of teaching lost in a year!
So remember how important it is to be on time.

We received a certificate for Sport Relief today. Altogether £10,3708.06 was raised. That is amazing. Thank you to everyone who donated and well done to the children who carried out all the hard work.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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