CREATIVE curriculum…is at the heart of Betty Layward

    CREATIVE curriculum…is at the heart of Betty Layward

    Creative Curriculum

    Our students enjoy rich and diverse curriculum content across history and geography at Betty Layward.

    Each half-term students will have a topic of study, ranging from ‘Discovery’ in Year 1 that focuses on important discoveries across history and the people involved; to ‘Food, Glorious Food!’ in Year 5 that explores the journey of food from farm to plate; to ‘Crime and Punishment’ in Year 6 that delves into the history of crime and its effect on the world today. Each half-term there is a dedicated ‘WOW Day’ that focuses entirely on the class topic through a range of engaging and interactive activities. Students have a real chance to show their creative and curious sides through our creative curriculum.

    Below, Year 6 students enjoying their ‘WOW’ Day and class assembly on ‘World War II’: